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City FruitShare Program Leads to 25,000 Pounds of Donated Fruit for 2014 Season




October 22, 2014
Contact: Kate Lohnes, Sustainability Program Manager

City FruitShare Program Leads to 25,000 Pounds of Donated Fruit for 2014 Season






SALT LAKE CITY – Thanks to expanding partnerships with community organizations, Salt Lake City’s FruitShare program experienced exponential growth this season and donated roughly 25,000 pounds of fruit to local food assistance programs in need of fresh produce. 


Urban fruit trees are a valuable community resource. Every year in Salt Lake City, tens of thousands of pounds of fruit fall to the ground and rot, creating a public health hazard and a waste management problem.


“By empowering neighbors to share in the harvest and care of urban fruit trees, SLC FruitShare prevents waste, builds community knowledge and resources, and increases access to healthy, locally-grown food,” said Bridget Stuchly, sustainability program manager for Salt Lake City.


The SLC FruitShare program partners with Green Urban Lunch Box, Real Food Rising, a program of Utahns Against Hunger, and TreeUtah to service over 300 fruit trees located on residential properties throughout the City. Once harvested, the surplus fruit is split between homeowners, volunteers and local food assistance programs that connect community members who lack access to healthy foods with locally harvested produce. Learn more:


This harvest season, Fourth Street Clinic was one of the organizations that received deliveries of fresh produce, including pears and apples. 


“We were happy to receive multiple donations from the SLC FruitShare program,” said Jenn Hyvonen, communications director for Fourth Street Clinic. “It was a pleasant surprise for our clients and enthusiastically received. Each time the fruit was gone within a matter of hours!”


The SLC FruitShare program is just one of the many City efforts underway aimed at achieving goals set forth in Mayor Ralph Becker’s Livability Agenda. To read more about those goals, visit here.


Salt Lake City Green, in partnership with Green Urban Lunch Box, will host a screening of Growing Cities at Brewvies Cinema Pub on Wednesday, October 22 to raise awareness of the SLC FruitShare program and celebrate Food Day. Learn more: