Salt Lake City

Recorder's Office


The purpose of the City Recorder's Office is to keep the official records of Salt Lake City and the record of the proceedings of the Salt Lake City Council.  The Office maintains all ordinances and resolutions adopted by the City Council and keeps the municipal code.

The Office coordinates and conducts municipal elections for Salt Lake City.  Election information is maintained by this office and accepts applications from candidates seeking to run for public office within Salt Lake City.

The Office administrates the City’s GRAMA records request program.  The Government Records Access and Management Act established by the State of Utah allows the public to make a request for a record from the appropriate Utah government official or agency.

Other duties of this office include administering the counter signature of official documents, maintaining a public file of contracts, Industrial Revenue bonds, and all official City documents, overseeing the publication of official notices, and administering the Mutual Commitment Registry.

Provided below are important links to several of the functions of the City Recorder's Office:

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