Salt Lake City

Summary of December 1 City Council Meeting

At the December 1 meeting, the Council held discussions on:

Transition Ordinance:
Council was briefed on a proposed ordinance enacting provisions related to the transition of newly-elected officials into office following a municipal election. The proposed ordinance would formally establish the process and policies for Council Members-Elect and Mayor-Elect during the time between the election and the oath of office.
It would also formalize current steps the City takes to provide necessary information to the newly-elected officials, set a standard for future election years and consider funding to pay newly-elected officials during the transition period.
Council took straw polls supporting the funding (half time) of the Mayor-Elect and two staff members, and Council Members-Elect. The funding would be for the time between vote certification and taking office, starting this year. Action on this item could occur on Dec. 8.

Ordinance: Budget Amendment No. 2, Fiscal Year 2015-16:
Council was briefed on proposed ordinance that would amend the Final Budget of Salt Lake City, Including the employment staffing document for Fiscal Year 2015-2016.
Budget amendments happen several times each year to reflect adjustments to the City’s budgets, including proposed project additions and modifications. Various items in the amendment, like repairing Fire Station #2, could be acted on this year.

Ordinance: Assisted Living and Other Similar Facilities Zoning Text Amendment:
Council discussed a proposed ordinance that would amend definitions for assisted living and other similar facilities and the City’s land use tables to allow assisted living facilities in more zoning districts.
These changes will align City zoning definitions with state law and will remove duplicate information. Council took straw polls supporting various elements of the current proposal. Action on this item could occur on Dec. 8.

Ordinance: Off Street Parking Zoning Text Amendment:
Discussed an ordinance that would amend Salt Lake City Code relating to off street parking regulations. Under the proposal one parking space would be required per unit in mixed use and multifamily developments in the several zoning districts. Currently, those zoning districts only require a half space per unit. Action on this item could occur on Dec. 8.

Text Amendment Small Neighborhood Business:
Discussed modifications to the SNB (Small Neighborhood Business) zoning district to allow single-practitioner medical, dental, and health offices as a permitted use in the SNB zoning district. Public Hearing on December 8, possible action that night.

Council Priorities and Active Projects:
Council was briefed on the Council’s six Priority Projects and 10 Active Projects.

Cultural Core Master Plan:
Discussed a proposed resolution approving the issuance of a Request for Proposals for the Cultural Core Master Plan. The RFP would award a contract to develop and implement a downtown Cultural Core master plan that includes programs to enliven the area and attract locals and visitors, place-making to strengthen the identity of the area, and promotional initiatives to build the brand and communicate information to locals and visitors. Action on this item could occur on Dec. 8.

(Pulled from Work Agenda) Campaign Finance Reform (public hearing held, see below)
(Pulled from Work Agenda) Ordinance: Plan Salt Lake Citywide Master Plan (public hearing held, see below)
(Pulled from Work Agenda) Ordinance: Solid Waste and Recyclable Regulations (Likely action on Dec. 8)
(Pulled from Work Agenda) Report from the Homeless Site Evaluation Commission (to be discussed at a later date)
(Pulled from Work Agenda) Council Policy Items (to be discussed at a later date)

FORMAL MEETING - Items of Interest
Public Hearings held:
· Ordinance: Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan Amendments -Ordinance also voted on - Passes with changes
· Ordinance: Plan Salt Lake Citywide Master Plan -Ordinance also voted on - Passes
· Campaign Finance Reform - (possible briefing, action on Dec. 8)

Action Items:
1. Ordinance: Citywide Breweries Zoning Text Amendment -Passes

Unfinished Business:
1. Resolution: Recycling Market Development Program -Passes
2. Ordinance: Residential Apartment Inspections -Passes
3. Resolution: Housing Trust Fund Loan - 444 South 900 East -Passes
4. Housing Trust Fund Loan: 616 Lofts -Passes
5. Several items for construction of Fire Station No. 14 -Passes

See the full agenda here: For more information, including Council staff reports, visit the Council's agenda site.

Upcoming Council Meeting Dates
December 8, 2015 – Tuesday – RDA Meeting, Work Session & Formal Meeting
Monday, January 4 Salt Lake City Mayoral & Council Oath of Office Ceremony & Reception
Tuesday, January 5 Council Work Session & Formal Meeting
Tuesday, January 12 RDA Meeting, Council Work Session & Formal Meeting